Craig Cameron-Mackintosh

Craig Cameron-Mackintosh (b.1987) is a painter and filmmaker who grew up in White River and now lives in Cape Town. Best known for his oil portraits, his background in filmmaking has influenced his style of portraiture that references camera and photographic effects like silhouettes, overexposure and blurriness. His painting 'Lesala in Silhouette' was the overall winner in the Sanlam Portrait Award 2019. His landscape paintings take on a quicker, more expressive style with compositions inspired by his former neighbours and artistic influences Esias Bosch and Keith Alexander.

In 2019 he also produced and directed the short documentary 'Billy Monk – Shot in the Dark' about this famous South African photographer's life and work in the late 1960s. 


"Stepping off a plane at KMIA from Cape Town, the air is always the first reminder of the differences between the two extreme corners of the country that I'm lucky to call home. The softer, sweeter and warmer air of the Lowveld results in hundreds of small clouds that dot the horizon in the humidity. In Cape Town, the view from my balcony is far more unpredictable and dramatic. Both climates provide endless inspiration for my cloudscape paintings which try to capture these fleeting scenes in impasto oil" - Craig Cameron-Mackintosh


Craig Cameron-Mackintosh

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