John Moore

John is a Master Printmaker who was schooled at St John's College, Johannesburg. He qualified with a Higher Diploma in Printmaking from the Witwatersrand Technikon with distinctions in printmaking and sculpture. In 1996, John completed an art teachers training course in 1996, enabling his role as an educator at numerous primary, secondary and tertiary levels. 

John Has has participated in both solo and group exhibitions in South Africa as well as in London, Barcelona, Chicago, Tallahassee, Pennysylvania, France and Germany. Halifax Art and the White River Gallery have collectively hotsed three solo exhibitions for John in the past 5 years.

Furthering a number of humaitarian causes, John has donated many of his works for charities such as Lifeline, Red Nose Day, Nelson Mandela Children's Fund, AIDS Foundation and the Rhino Foundation. IN addition, John has devoted time and energy to teaching art to previously disadvantaged children.

John has two daughters, who continue to inspire him and open his eyes up to a new way of seeing and being.



As i have progressed throughout the year, I have had many experiences in nature or ideas coming to me in my everyday life. Whilst the images digest in my mind, they slowly take shape into form in my books which I write and draw in. When solo shows present themselves, this gives me an opportunity to create all the work in a short space of time for a specific purpose. Allowing the images to find themselves from the ethers, onto paper and finally into print form. If there was a motto for my life it would be "life is art or art is life", there is not one moment where I am not open to inspiration finding its way to me. There is no "off" switch to source, and therefore no off switch to the millions of stimuli I see each day, all this allows me in me finding ways to create source material for my images. Books, movies, slogans, music, lyrics and dream imagery all allow me to weave my material into the world I live. My main emphasis is nature and its infinite beauty. When I am in nature, I am truly home. There, at that point, is where the most synergy crosses my path and where I find over a short space of time, many images appear in my mind. I fill many pages in this divine guidance. Often it’s the animal I connect with which assists me in creating the images. I look at myself as a shaman, a person who connects to the animals and spiritual realm to assist me in guiding my images.

As an artist I love creating images, pulling from the ethers. There is a magical moment when a thought is nothing but a space existing in your mind. As an artist it is your duty to allow that thought to become into existence. How you do this, is the miracle we call "the arts". Each artist has their own, unique way of exploring their existence through this form. I choose to do it mostly through the printmaking medium, making images with master techniques like etching, litho, and relief printing (linocuts/woodcuts) all these techniques are over 4-500 years old. I love these techniques as you are able to produce multiple original images from one matrix. Each medium dictates specific marks which lend their own energy to the image.

I went to an all-boys school in Johannesburg and finally in matric had to decide what profession to follow. There were two things I was good at, one was having a passion for wildlife, the other the Arts. I enrolled in graphic design but soon found myself lost as I did not want a profession that would dictate to me what I had to create, I wanted to be the creator. I swapped over to fine arts and finally felt this was my path. Later I realised I have merged my two passions, nature and art into my life. I have created my unique artform ever since. Each time I enter the studio, I smile as how lucky I am to be to do something I love with every fibre of my being. I trust this passion comes through in each and every image you see.

John Moore

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The latest exhibitions from the artist.

Nurturing Nature

Nurturing Nature

John Moore
White River Gallery
22 Sep 2019 - 30 Sep 2019

Works on paper exploring the fusion of Africa sprituality and mysticism of wildlife.