Karin Daymond

Karin Daymond was born in 1967 and holds a BA Fine Art Degree from the University of KwaZulu Natal. Having committed to her art practice on a full-time basis in 2008, she held her first solo exhibition at the White River Gallery in 2009. Since this time, Karin has held 6 solo exhibitions, and participated in several group exhibitions, with Gallery 2, Barnard, and the White River Gallery. Karin has participated in South Africa's most notable art fairs, including Joburg Art Fair, Cape Town Art Fair, Latitudes and Turbine Art Fair (7 consecutive years). In addition, Karin participated in the Grenchen Trienalle in Switzerland in 2015.    

As a patron for the arts in the Lowveld, Karin has taught and mentored a number of local artists, her guidance and influence evidenced in the art of a few successful Lowveld artists and art institutions. Multi-disciplined across various mediums, her primary focus is large-scale oil painting, although drawing and printmaking, particularly lithography, form an integral part of her work. The South African landscape provides a strong foundation for Karin's themes, exploring in particular the emotional identity of a landscape. Another often-visited concept is the exploration of belonging, especially within the context of migrancy and refugeedom.

Karin's work is included in the UNISA Art Collection, as well as the University of the North West, amongst a few other notable private and public collections, locally and internationally. Karin works from her studio in Mpumalanga, a province known for its subtropical beauty. 

In 2020, Karin expanded her contribution to the arts by stepping into the role of curator for the exhibition Diaspora, at the White River Gallery.

"We are inextricably woven into the natural world, yet we are increasingly able to isolate and insulate ourselves, despite lightning fast communication. 'Othering' is integral to our successful evolution, we apply this evolutionary strategy widely, finding distance between us and others, and ultimately from our environment. Through my work I am more immersed in the natural world, and this is integral to my sense of belonging". - Karin Daymond

1967 -
Nationality: South African
Residence: Lowveld