Tony Fredriksson

Born in Harare, Zimbabwe, on the 8th of July 1959 Tony Fredriksson discovered his talent and passion for art at an early age. In the 70’s Tony studied fine art at the Eastborne College of Art and Design in the UK. He then moved to South Africa where painting, drawing, and sculpting have all had their seasons in his art career, however, it is his driftwood sculptures that he is most  renowned for.

Tony finds most of his inspiration for his driftwood sculptures in organically weathered pieces of wood. Every piece tells a story and is uniquely shaped and textured; some by oceans and rivers and others by insects and the elements.

I have been privileged to teach my own children art in junior school. All five grades would run to my class for every lesson, eager to discover something new that they could do. From baking a cake, building a wall or just playing with the food on your plate, we are all creative in some way. According to the Bible we are made in God’s image so we shouldn’t be surprised at how fulfilling the creative process is. I see two distinct themes in the world - God made and man made. I love to celebrate both using the found weathered wood pieces. I pray before starting each sculpture asking God to help me do justice to His amazing work. Mine are just poor imperfections of the works of His hands. Everything in Creation is fearfully and wonderfully made. When I go to play in my studio, I feel the very same excitment I felt at 6 years old when I held a ball of plasticine in my hands. I dropped out of college and also cheated in matric but did get distinctions in Art, Carpentry and Afrikaans. It seems that I have majored in the three subjects I did well in. I do art with wood and married a lovely Afrikaans meisie, I believe we are all born with certain gifts and I am blessed to be able to employ mine.

Tony Fredriksson

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Say Africa

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White River Gallery
30 Nov 2019 - 19 Jan 2020

"I may be walking in the streets of a city called London, but the dust on my boots, and rhythm of my feet ...