Anton Bosch & Hanlie Bosch - THE WONDER OF CLAY

November 23, 2022 - December 07, 2022

White River, South Africa

Click here to view: The Wonder of Clay Exhibition Catalogue

Anton Bosch and Hanlie Bosch

The gallery is proud to present The Wonder of Clay, an exhibition by husband and wife ceramicists Anton Bosch and Hanlie Bosch. 

Stepping into their studio, we witnessed what is in store for our gallery and our patrons - a treasure of ceramic artworks which has been created and set aside for this exhibition over the past 18 months. 

Ranging vastly in scale, style and concept, each work nonetheless bears the signature statement that is uniquely either Anton Bosch or Hanlie Bosch. 

Anton speaks of his deep love of clay, inherited from his late father, Esias. Shadowing his father from an early age, Anton created his first figurines as a child, 
instilling a passion that has endured for decades, a vast technical knowledge grounding a seemingly limitless store of energy.

Anton met Hanlie during their years at the then Pretoria Technikon where they studied under Carl Jeppe and Gunther van der Reis. Hanlie, well-recognized for her unique range of ceramics, also presents a few watercolours for this exhibition, in a particular pointillist style. 

Please join us in celebrating the collective creative energy of two iconic Lowveld artists, exhibiting together for the first time in a number of years.