Griet Van der Meulen - PLACE OF BELONGING

June 15, 2024 - July 14, 2024

White River, South Africa

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Artist Statement

Griet Van der Meulen works from an eco-feminist perspective, with her direct environment, and focuses on gardens. Griets works largely focus on the “healing“ aspects of gardens.

She establishes a link between her own garden and the garden of Eden, in which no harm can be done to the environment and all who / that live and exist within. The artist is a magical gardener who creates gardens of phantasmagorical beauty and healing.

She addresses issues of climate change and planetary healing through the exorcising of toxicity on a personal as well as universal level.

The artists desire is to heal our planet by facilitating healing of ourselves as well as the universe. Through her garden Griet aims to create a place of ”belonging”, a place free of judgments where growth and belonging is encouraged.

Griet Van der Meulen

June 2024