April 04, 2020 - May 05, 2020

Willem finds his inspiration in the smells and sights of the small towns of South Africa. His depiction of them is that of a local and not a mere tourist or casual passer-by. The artist especially loves the way nature reclaims abandoned man-made structures. Through documenting this dereliction he forces the on-looker to stand where he stood still and see it through his eyes, maybe in a new light, the beauty in decay. His subject is mainly concerned with the "platteland" and its changing landscapes. It can be seen as a type of visual diary where he documents a specific time and place in our history and in doing so, remembering. It also reminds us of our own transcience and mortality and the brutality of the passing of time. Everything is temporary. Willem's medium is oil on stretched canvas and his style can best be described as observational realism with a strong South African vernacular.



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