Philip Badenhorst, Gwenneth Miller & Adelle van Zyl - UNDER THE SURFACE

September 24, 2022 - October 23, 2022

White River, South Africa

Under the Surface - Exhibition Catalogue

Saturday, 24th September 12noon marked the opening of Under the Surface. Exhibiting works by artists and academics, Philip Badenhorst, Gwenneth Miller and Adelle van Zyl. We are so please to welcome Dr Gwenneth Miller back to White River Gallery who we had with us for the opening of Liezel Lüneburg and Nathani Lüneburg's exhibition last year. 

The three artists work as independent creative researchers who use various degrees of abstraction as a means to think through contemporary notions of interconnectedness. Philip, Gwenneth and Adelle grew up in rural areas in vastly different landscapes – from outposts in Western, Northern, and Eastern South Africa, yet they all currently live in Pretoria. Each working with different locations - of concrete dwellings, natural sites, and soul spaces.

Philip and Gwenneth have known each other since student days, sharing a passion for Neo-Romantic narratives and the sensuality of paint. Gwenneth and Adelle worked together at UNISA, where they both considered personal archives of belonging through their art and teaching. The exhibition visualises how all three practitioners ‘listen’ to what is underneath the surface. On one hand these translations of space reflect how different the artists’ observations and experiences are from each other. Yet, on the other hand the exhibition is unified as a sense of urgency to consider relations with earth and each other. 


We welcome back Visual Arts Senior Lecturer at UNISA, Dr Nathani Lüneburg to share opening thoughts for this exhibition. 

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