RMB Latitudes 2023 - Inter\Section

May 24, 2023 - May 28, 2023

Johannesburg, South Africa

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In an unlikely pairing of two artists, this exhibition explores the duality of obvious parallels and underlying differences in their themes, mediums, and processes. Like an intersection at a crossroad, these artists come from vastly divergent lived experiences; yet there is an overlap in the showcasing of the unspoken in their subject matter, bridging the gap of spiritual and societal nuances.

Ingrid Uys’ work is built on her fascination of the flight of birds, the movement of their wings expressing a metaphor for impermanence and the fleeting nature of time. For this exhibition, Ingrid expands her process to include three-dimensional effects in her work, using various mediums to re-inform notions of hovering, suspension, and transcending space and time.

Michael Selekane presents a new series of oils, prints, and drawings, figurative expressions capturing the unseen challenges presented in everyday circumstances, traversing the societal expectations, and diverting them to present the unseen realities that are normally overlooked.

The differences in themes and subject matter explored by each artist is representative of the path that each has walked, yet there is a convergence of ideas as these paths cross. Both artists work with the tactility and texture of paper, their medium encapsulated behind glass.

Notions of fragility, vulnerability, movement, migration and flight draw powerful parallels between the artists’ work, creating a dialogue with the viewer, that places emphasis on the unseen struggles or praises of these artists lived experiences.

This exhibition marks an intersection where paths cross, a convergence of animal and figure, exemplifying the interconnectedness between nature and the human spirit.

White River Gallery

May 2023