A Memorable Visit from Strauss & Co: From Pierneef to Present Day

Published 15 March 2023 in Events


A Memorable Visit from Strauss & Co: Celebrating Lowveld Artists

White River Gallery is buzzing with excitement following a memorable visit from the esteemed team at Strauss & Co. We extend our heartfelt thanks to them for gracing us with their presence, spending quality time with our community of art lovers from the Lowveld.

A Day of Art Valuation with Experts

The expertise of Wilhelm van Rensburg and Jackie Murray was unmistakable throughout the day. Wilhelm, who joined Strauss & Co in 2016, has been a pivotal figure in the world of South African art. His vast experience and keen eye for detail were evident as he and Jackie evaluated art brought in by our local audience. Alongside them was their efficient assistant, Danel, making the Strauss team an indomitable force in art valuation.

Wilhelm is not just an art expert but also a prolific champion of art. His work at Strauss & Co has seen him curating significant exhibitions for renowned artists such as Irma Stern, Judith Mason, and JH Pierneef. Some of you may also recall Wilhelm as the former art critic for Beeld newspaper and co-director of Gallery Art on Paper in Johannesburg. This gallery, always daring and captivating, was a favorite among many art enthusiasts.

Evening Presentation: Lowveld Artists - From Pierneef to Present Day

The highlight of our day was undoubtedly the evening presentation titled "Lowveld Artists: From Pierneef to Present Day". This talk by Wilhelm van Rensburg took us on a captivating virtual journey through the rich art history of the Lowveld and beyond.

Wilhelm had the audience hanging on his every word as he delved into our heritage, starting from the ancient Lydenberg Heads dating back to 500 A.D. to the contemporary talents like the wonderful women of Bonnefoi. The connections he drew between Lowveld artists and the land, and their influence on some of the greats of South African art, were both enlightening and inspiring. Wilhelm's ability to combine scholarly research, critical writing, and curating makes his talks both insightful and engaging.

Celebrating South African Art and Heritage

Strauss & Co's commitment to supporting South African artists, both heritage and contemporary, is truly commendable. Their passion for art shines through in everything they do, from their meticulous valuations to their educational talks that enrich our understanding of art history.

At White River Gallery, we share this passion for promoting the vibrant art scene in the Lowveld and beyond. We were thrilled to collaborate with Strauss & Co and look forward to welcoming them back soon for more exciting projects.

Photographs: Casandra Jacobs