Professional Artist Workshop with Professor Elfriede Dreyer

Published 19 March 2024 in Workshops

Reflecting on Two Enlightening Days with Professor Elfriede Dreyer

White River Gallery recently had the pleasure of hosting Professor Elfriede Dreyer for two comprehensive and enlightening days of workshops. The sessions were packed with valuable insights, offering both artists and art enthusiasts a deeper understanding of the dynamic world of art.

About Professor Elfriede Dreyer

Professor Elfriede Dreyer is a multifaceted personality in the art world. An artist, curator, mentor, and extraordinary Professor of Art at Unisa, Elfriede's work is both conceptual and intermedial. She is known for producing painterly digital works as well as abstracted physical paintings. Her diverse artistic approach and contributions have made her a respected figure in the South African art scene. To learn more about her impressive career and artistic journey, you can visit her website here.

Day 1: From Studio Organization to Art Trends

The first day of the workshop kicked off with a lively discussion from 9 to 11 am, focusing on studio organization, marketing strategies, and tips on presenting oneself to galleries or curators. This session provided invaluable advice for artists looking to navigate the professional side of the art world effectively.

From 11:30 am to 1 pm, Elfriede shifted the focus to the physical presentation of artwork in galleries and installation techniques. This session was particularly beneficial for artists aiming to enhance the visual impact and professionalism of their exhibitions.

The afternoon session, from 2 to 4 pm, delved into current trends and orientations in the art world. Elfriede's insights into the evolving landscape of contemporary art were both enlightening and thought-provoking, offering participants a glimpse into the latest developments and shifts in artistic practices.

Day 2: Understanding Meaning in Art

On the second day, Elfriede explored the deeper aspects of art, focusing on understanding meaning through the use of materials, media, and forms of expression. This session was a deep dive into the interpretational skills required to appreciate and analyze art effectively.

Who Were the Workshops For?

These workshops were designed to cater to a diverse audience. Whether you're an artist looking to hone your professional skills, an art collector seeking a deeper understanding of art, or an art enthusiast eager to learn more about the art world, there was something for everyone.

In Conclusion

The two days spent with Professor Elfriede Dreyer were both enriching and inspiring. Her expertise, combined with her passion for art, made the workshops a truly memorable experience. We are grateful to Elfriede for sharing her knowledge and insights with us at White River Gallery.

For those who attended, we hope you found the workshops as valuable as we did. And for those who missed out, stay tuned for more exciting events and workshops coming up at White River Gallery.

Thank you, Professor Elfriede Dreyer, for the unforgettable discussions of art exploration!