The Apocalypse

R6700 per panel in the series. 
5 panels/separate artworks done on individual pages that make-up a larger overarching artwork and story.  

Artist Statement: 

Apocalypse, the artwork, analyzes power relationships. The work firstly starts with a peaceful landscape in the first three panels slowly depicting how we came to where we are. I have studied the life and behavior of animals and have begun to compare it to human conduct in the areas of nature, social issues, corruption, and war. The face of the human figure is owl-like. Is a persona I created to stand in for powerful individuals. Since owls can blend in with their surroundings, it is uncommon to come across or spot one. And that’s precisely what those in positions of authority are like, to use a line from the film Oppenheimer: “Amateurs seek the sun, get eaten… Power stays in the shadows.” The amateurs in this piece of art are the hyenas. In the film The Lion King, Scar is the one In charge and the hyenas work alongside him. The three headed hyena represent the three hyenas from The Lion King. Scar use the hyenas as his puppets, which is why the human figure holds the hyena with a leach. I then take that idea and apply it to rhino poaching. To demonstrate that the people behind this, seats at the high hierarchy, and the poachers are just puppets, and that’s just how the world works.

 When narrating my stories, I use the forsaken storytelling that we got from our ancestors. My work is inspired by how these stories were portrayed to us through verbal storytelling, I take an allegorical approach in my work to comment on social issues. To communicate my ideas in a way that would be understood by everyone, I looked to The Lion King for inspiration for this artwork. I then use a similar approach by using animals in to narrate my story. I look at living in the era of the Anthropocene, how capitalism has led us humans to benefit from nature but nature not benefiting from us in return.

  • The Apocalypse
  • Cyril Chiburre
  • 2023
  • Charcoal on paper
  • R6700 per panel, 5 in series
  • 175 x 150 cm
  • Sold
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